NOW AVAILABLE 2020 - Issue 3 ebook

Profile's Stock Exchange Handbook
by Profile Media

Essential reference information on every listed share, all in one compact volume.

Only available in the ebook — our 5 step guide

on finding shares worth buying

  Why other investors use the Stock Exchange Handbook

Quick reference
instantly get a handle on size, liquidity, dividends, and many other vital statistics
Five year trends
check the turnover and profit trends for five years for any company
Sector overview at a glance
see the rating of a share compared to its peers
Sector charts
see which sectors are trending up and trending down
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Contents of each issue include:
Information provided for each company includes, where available:
Comparative summarised income statements and balance sheets for up to five years are provided for every company (five different financial models are used for industrial, mining, insurance, banking, and property companies).