Implats - Empowerment Agreement and New Expansion1 Jun 2006
Implats - Empowerment Agreement and New Expansion Project                       
IMPALA PLATINUM HOLDINGS LIMITED                                                
(Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa)                                  
(Registration number 1957/001979/06)                                            
Share code: IMP/IMPO                                                            
ISIN: ZAE000003554                                                              
ASX ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                
Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (Implats) is pleased to announce that their    
subsidiary Zimplats has reached agreement with The Government of Zimbabwe which 
creates the platform for further large scale investments into this operation.   
Following extensive negotiations Zimplats has signed an agreement with the      
Government of Zimbabwe relating to the release of a portion of its mining claims
in exchange for a combination of empowerment credits and cash.  In addition, the
agreement ensures that the ground required for long term expansion is secured   
under the special mining lease regime.                                          
In terms of this agreement, Zimplats will release claims together amounting to  
36% of the company"s resource base on the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe.  The contained
metal in the ground to be released is 51 million ounces of platinum or 99       
million ounces 4E (platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold).                      
The released ground is outside of Zimplats" long term expansion programme of 1  
million platinum ounces per annum over a fifty year life of mine.               
The agreement allows for the market value of the claims to be recognised.  The  
credit is calculated with reference to the weighted average share price of      
Zimplats over the 30 days prior to signing of the agreement, multiplied by the  
number of shares in issue.                                                      
The market value of the released claims is USD153 million and the weighted      
average price of Zimplats shares during the 30 day period was US4.86.  Using    
these values, and the agreed formula, Zimplats will therefore receive a cash    
credit and an empowerment credit to realise the full value of the released      
The agreement also provides for all remaining claims retained for the long term 
expansion to be incorporated into the special mining lease regime that applies  
to Zimplats" current operations.  This will facilitate the potential to fast-   
track any expansion in these areas.                                             
Following the signing of this agreement, both the Implats and Zimplats Boards   
are pleased to announce that they have approved with immediate effect Phase 1 of
their long term expansion plan, and the replacement of the remaining opencast   
operation with underground mining operations.                                   
Phase 1 expansion will involve:                                                 
-    New investment of US$258 million, including US$69.5 million for the        
     replacement of the opencast mine.                                          
-    Increase in platinum production from the current 90,000 ounces per annum to
     160,000 ounces per annum (4E production will increase from 185,000 ounces  
     to 322,000 ounces per annum and Nickel production will increase from 1,540 
     tonnes to 2,900 tonnes per annum.)                                         
-    The simultaneous development of 2 new underground mines at Ngezi.          
-    The construction of a new 1.5 million tonnes per annum concentrator at     
-    The construction of 715 new staff houses near Ngezi, as well as the        
upgrading of amenities within the area.                                    
-    The creation of 1,200 new direct jobs, plus an estimated further 3,000     
     contractor jobs during the three year construction phase.                  
31 May 2006                                                                     
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