OmniTrader stock trading software designed to help you make money no matter what the market is doing. By automating Technical Analysis, OmniTrader gives you the power to make decisions fast! Since 1994, OmniTrader has been generating confirmed buy and sell Signals, helping traders and investors trade the moves. These Signals are seamlessly combined with unique Confirmation tools making it easy to review and compare candidates. OmniTrader is a great prospecting tool!

OmniTrader 2006 - Technical Market Analysis and Stock Trading Software



It's Automatic  The best thing about OmniTrader is that it is completely automated. OmniTrader allows you to focus on your trading, not hours of analysis.

Great Buy and Sell Candidate#buyandsell Because OmniTrader is 100% automatic, it’s easy to review a list of prime trading candidates .

Powerful, Easy to Use Charts

Built-In Money Management OmniTrader is designed to take the emotion out of trading. You will see when to get in and out of a trade in order to manage risk and increase profits.

Trading Simulators OmniTrader has features that help you improve your trading skills. Learn the software as you gain the confidence you need to "pull the trigger" in real trading!

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