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Profile's Financial Markets Directory 2011 Latest issue: 2014/2015 
(24th Edition)
Next issue: July 2015
Pages: 272

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Profile's Financial Markets is a comprehensive directory of the South African financial markets, covering all major financial institutions. Full contact details are given, including direct numbers for key personnel, and areas of operation. The book also contains a review of the SA financial markets for the previous year.

Information is provided in the following categories:

  • Asset & Portfolio Managers
  • Banks
  • Banks - Locally Controlled
  • Banks - Foreign Controlled
  • Banks - Foreign Banks Branches
  • Banks - Foreign Banks Representatives
  • Banks - Mutual Banks
  • Banks - Private Banking
  • Banks – Central & Reserve Banks
  • Corporate Treasurers
  • Corporate Treasurers - Corporate Members
  • Corporate Treasurers - Professional Members
  • Financial Publications
  • Financial Recuitment
  • Financial Services
  • Financial Training Institutions
  • Insurers – Long Term
  • Insurers – Short Term
  • International Stock Exchanges
  • JSE Limited: Commodity Derivatives Members
  • JSE Limited: Currency Derivatives Members
  • JSE Limited: Equity Derivatives Members
  • JSE Limited: Interest Rate Market Members
  • JSE Limited: Sponsors
  • JSE Limited: Stockbrokers
  • Market Data & News
  • Online Share Trading
  • Private Equity
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital - Full members
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital - Associate members
  • Rating Agencies
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Unit Trust Management Companies
  • International Holidays
  • World Currencies

The Review section of the 2014/2015 issue includes the following articles:

  • BA 900 summary of SA banks – April 2014
    Ratings Africa
  • Financial Services Sector Faces a Growing List of Reforms
    Sungard Systems South Africa (Pty) Ltd. 
  • Gold bulls silenced – but for how long?
    Ciaran Ryan
  • JSE punches above its weight in global terms
    Ciaran Ryan
  • The year so far – what’s happening on the JSE
    Cannon Asset Managers
  • Why derivatives can strengthen your portfolio
  • Shareholder activism is winning the war for investor returns
    Ciaran Ryan
  • Performance of Passive and Active Investment Methods
  • Retirement – is this the most neglected topic in South Africa?
    Old Mutual Corporate
  • India and South Africa afflicted with similar illnesses, but chose different medicines
    ETM Analytics
  • Global Market Report for the 12 months ended March 2014
    Charles Campher
  • Ghana’s deteriorating business environment holds lessons for the rest of Africa
    ETM Analytics
  • Nigerian Insurance Market
    Fitch Ratings 

Profile's Financial Markets is fully indexed, allowing the user to locate companies or individuals by name.


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